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0U 14-Outlet 15A Energy PDU - PE1114A

0U 14-Outlet 15A Energy PDU - PE1114A

The PE1114A Energy PDU contains 14 AC outlets and is
available in NEMA socket configurations. The PE1114A
Energy PDU features a space-saving 0U design that allows
it to be mounted vertically on the outside of a rack resulting
in a more efficient use of space in the server room while
providing 14 AC outlets. The PE1114A Energy PDU can be integrated into an
installation with the EC1000 Energy Box* allowing you to
monitor the real-time current and environmental conditions
of the Energy PDU from the front panel of the EC1000 at the
rack or via Web GUI remotely – making your server room
efficiently green with ease.


 PE1114A Diagram


$ 95.00